Agricultural Engineering

The Agricultural Engineering Unit is responsible for the repairs, maintenance, and construction needs of the Institute. The Program does adaptive research and development of appropriate technology for pre- and post-harvest operations on small scale farms, thereby helping farmers to reduce drudgery, increase production capacity, and alleviate poverty. This work is done while bearing in mind its impact on the environment. 

For example, to improve the living conditions of poor families, the Program has:

  • Developed pedal, hand, chain, rope and washer pumps. Trained farmers on their operation,
  • Adapted and modified three types of solar cookers – parabolic, heat trap boxes, and panel cookers. It demonstrated the cookers and trained farmers in their use.
  • Adapted and modified cassava processing equipment (manual and motorised). Trained facilitators in all five regions.
  • Adapted and modified a charcoal press for use of non-wood organic materials. The charcoal is prepared from dry grasses, dry leaves, and crop residues such as stalks and husks of cereals. 
  • Assembled and installed agricultural machines – milling machines, power tillers etc.